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3549876 Stillman, Bruce; Grodzicker, Terri; Stewart, David:
21st Century Genetics: Genes at Work
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Reihe: Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology LXXX, Band: LXXX, Einband: Hardcover
Auflage: 1.Auflage
Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 07/2016
Seiten: 350 pages (approx.)
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ISBN-10: 1-62182-147-1   
ISBN-13: 9781621821472

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The 80th Cold Spring Harbor Symposium was held to mark the 150th anniversary of Gregor Mendel’s landmark 1865 presentation of his paper “Experiments on Plant Hybridization”, which laid the groundwork for modern genetics. The Symposium Proceedings addresses 21st Century Genetics: Genes at Work, and provides a current synthesis of genetic mechanisms and genome/chromosome biology. This volume spans a broad range of topics that reflect our current understanding of genetic mechanisms in humans and other organisms. Themes include chromosome biology and nuclear structure, topologically associating domains, gene-enhancer interactions, chromatin and epigenetics, gene regulation and control, developmental regulation, RNA controlling elements, maintenance of genome stability, nuclear receptors, circadian clocks and aging, and genome editing.

Visualizing the HoxD Gene Cluster at the Nanoscale Level
Pierre J. Fabre, Alexander Benke, Suliana Manley, and Denis Duboule
Targeting Transcriptional and Epigenetic Reprogramming in Stromal Cells in Fibrosis and Cancer
Nasun Hah, Mara H. Sherman, Ruth T. Yu, Michael Downes, and Ronald M. Evans
A System to Study Aneuploidy In Vivo
Sarah J. Pfau and Angelika Amon
Imaging Transcription: Past, Present and Future
Robert A. Coleman, Zhe Liu, Xavier Darzacq, Robert Tjian, Robert H. Singer, and Timothée Lionnet
Transcriptional Enhancers: Bridging the Genome and Phenome
Bing Ren and Feng Yue
Regulatory Principles Governing Tissue Specificity of Developmental Enhancers
Emma K. Farley, Katrina M. Olson, and Michael S. Levine
Regulatory Domains and Their Mechanisms
Nezha S. Benabdallah and Wendy A. Bickmore
Large Scale Chromatin Structure Function Relationships during the Cell Cycle and Development: Insights from Replication Timing
Vishnu Dileep, Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, Jiao Sima, and David M. Gilbert
Prenucleosomes and Active Chromatin
Mai T. Khuong, Jia Fei, Haruhiko Ishii, and James T. Kadonaga
Genome Organization and Chromosome Architecture
Giorgio Bernardi
Biological Networks Governing the Acquisition, Maintenance and Dissolution of Pluripotency: Insights from Functional Genomics Approaches
Kevin Andrew Uy Gonzales, and Huck-Hui Ng
Monitoring the Dynamics of DNA Methylation at Single Cell Resolution during Development and Disease
Yonatan Stelzer and Rudolf Jaenisch
Perturbing Chromatin Structure to Understand Mechanisms of Gene Expression
Caroline R. Bartman and Gerd A. Blobel
Underlying the Selection and Function of Macrophage-specific Enhancers
Verena M. Link, David Gosselin, and Christopher K. Glass
HIPMap: A High-Throughput Imaging Method for Mapping of Spatial Gene Positions
Sigal Shachar, Gianluca Pegoraro, and Tom Misteli
Mechanism and Reconstitution In Vitro of Germ Cell Development in Mammals
Kazuki Kurimoto and Mitinori Saitou
Erase–Maintain–Establish: Natural Reprogramming of the Mammalian Epigenome
Milena Leseva, Barbara B Knowles, Daniel M. Messerschmidt, and Davor Solter
Regulation of Reprogramming and Cellular Plasticity through Histone Exchange and Histone Variant Incorporation
Xavier Gaume and Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla
Clock-talk: Interactions between Central and Peripheral Circadian Oscillators in Mammals
Ueli Schibler, Ivana Gotic, Camille Saini, Pascal Gos, Thomas Curie, Yann Emmenegger, Flore Sinturel, Pauline Gosselin, Alan Gerber, Fabienne Fleury-Olela, Gianpaolo Rando, Maud Demarque, and Paul Franken
Dissecting the Rev-erbα Cistrome and the Mechanisms Controlling Circadian Transcription in Liver
Bin Fang and Mitchell A. Lazar
Modulating the Genomic Programming of Adipocytes
Anne Loft, Søren Fisker Schmidt, Susanne Mandrup
The African Turquoise Killifish: A Model to Explore Vertebrate Aging and Diseases in the Fast Lane
Itamar Harel and Anne Brunet
How Transcription Networks Evolve and Produce Biological Novelty
Isabel Nocedal, Alexander D. Johnson
Transposable Elements, Polydactyl Proteins and the Genesis of Human-Specific Transcription Networks
Didier Trono
Regulation of RORγt in Inflammatory Lymphoid Cell Differentiation
Wendy Huang and Dan R. Littman
From Mutational Mechanisms in Single Cells to Mutational Patterns in Cancer Genomes
Cheng-Zhong Zhang and David Pellman
The Evolution of Tumors in Mice and Humans with Germ Line p53 Mutations
A.J. Levine, C. Chan, C Dudgeon, A. Puzio-Kuter, and P. Hainaut
Resolution of Recombination Intermediates: Mechanisms and Regulation
Stephen C. West, Miguel G. Blanco, Ying Wai Chan, Joao Matos, Shriparna Sarbajna, and Haley D.M. Wyatt
Mass Spectrometry of Yeast Telomerase
Kah Wai Lin, Virginia A. Zakian

Genetics, Medical Biology
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