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3549874 Bush, Karen; Silver, Lynn:
Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance
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Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 07/2016
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ISBN-13: 9781621821199

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Resistance to antibiotics is a growing problem. This book examines the variety of different way antibiotics kill bacteria and the mechanisms bacteria develop that allow them to become resistant.

Resistance Overview
1. The Whys and Wherefores of Antibiotic Resistance
C.R. Strachan and Julien Davies
2. The Prehistory of Antibiotic Resistance
Julie Perry, Nicholas Waglechner, and Gerard Wright
Antibiotics by Target Pathway (Mechanism of Action & Resistance)
Cell Wall Pathway
3. Overview, General Discussion of Targets and Useful Drugs
Lynn Silver
4. β-Lactam Resistance Mechanisms: Gram-Positive Bacteria and Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Jed F. Fisher and Shahriar Mobashery
5. Beta-lactam resistance mechanisms—Gram-negatives (beta lactamases)
Robert Bonomo
6. β-Lactams and β-Lactamase Inhibitors: An Overview
Karen Bush and Patricia A. Bradford
7. Glycopeptides and glycopeptide resistance
Dania Zeng, Dmitri Debabov, Stacy Adams, Jessica Schuyler, Ronald McMillan, Raul Cano, Keith Bostian, and John Pace
8. Cycloserine and Fosfomycin
Lynn L. Silver
Membrane Synthesis and Integrity
9. Daptomycin MOA and Resistance in Staph and Enterococci
Arnold Bayer, Cesar Arias, and William Miller
10. Polymyxin: Alternative Mechanisms of Action and Resistance
Michael J. Trimble, Patrik Mlynárčik, Milan Kolář, and Robert E. W. Hancock
11. Resistance Mechanisms and the Future of the Bacterial Enoyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Reductase (Fabl) Antibiotics
Jiangwei Yao and Charles O. Rock
12. Antibacterial Drug Discover Targeting the Lipopolysaccharide Biosynthetic Enzyme LpxC
Alice L. Erwin
DNA/RNA Replication and Intermediates
13. Topoisomerase Inhibitors: Fluoroquinolone Mechanisms of Action and Resistance
David C. Hooper and George A. Jacoby
14. Rifamycins, Alone and In Combination
David M. Rothstein
Metabolism Inhibitors
15. Antibacterial Antifolates: From Development Through Resistance to the Next Generation
Alexavier Estrada, Dennis L. Wright, and Amy C. Anderson
Protein Synthesis
16. Bacterial Protein Synthesis as a Target for Antibiotic Inhibition
Stefan Arenz and Daniel N. Wilson
S Ribosome Inhibitors
17. Aminoglycosides: An Overview
Kevin M. Krause, Alisa W. Serio, Timothy R. Kane, and Lynn E. Connolly
18. Tetracycline Antibiotics and Resistance
Trudy H. Grossman
50 S Ribosome Inhibitors
19. Resistance to Macrolide Antibiotics in Public Health Pathogens
Corey Fyfe, Trudy Grossman, Kathy Kerstein, and Joyce Sutcliffe
20. Lincosamides, Streptogramins, Phenicols, and Pleuromutilins: Mode of Action and Mechanisms of Resistance
Stefan Schwarz, Jianzhong Shen, Kristina Kadlec, Yang Wang, Geovana Brenner Michael, Andrea T. Feßler, and Birte Vester
21. Pleuromutilins: MOA and Resistance
Colin Broom
Elongation Factor G
22. Fusidic Acid—A Bacterial Elongation Factor Inhibitor for the Oral Treatment of Acute and Chronic Staphylococcal Infections
Prabhavathi Fernandes
Single Organism Targets
23. Antibacterials Developed to Target a Single Organism: Mechanisms and Frequencies of Reduced Susceptibility to the Novel Anti-Clostridium difficile Compound Fidaxomicin and LFF571
Jennifer A. Leeds

Infectious Disease, Medical Microbiology
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