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3329197 Mamajiwalla, Salim; Seide, Rochelle:
Intellectual Property in Molecular Medicine
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Reihe: Perspectives in Medicine, Einband: Hardcover
Auflage: 1. Auflage
Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 01/2015
Seiten: 350 pp ( appr. )
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ISBN-10: 1-62182-083-1   
ISBN-13: 978-1-621820-83-3

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As universities increasingly spin off biotech companies and academics work more closely with these companies and the pharma industry, it is essential that they gain an understanding of intellectual property law and patenting. This book introduces the basic ideas and discusses how they apply to biomedical research and product development in the age of genomics.
(preliminary)1. Introduction to Intellectual Property: A US PerspectiveAmanda Murphy, Michael Stramiello, Tom Irving, and Stacy Lewis2. Impact of America Invents Act on Biotech Intellectual PropertyAmanda Murphy, Michael Stramiello, Tom Irving, and Stacy Lewis3. Patenting the Life Sciences at the European Patent OfficeChristina Gates4. The Role of Regulatory Agencies and Intellectual PropertyKevin Noonan5. Regulatory Law and Intellectual Property in EuropeAnne Bateman6. Canada’s Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Proceedings and Intellectual PropertyHenry Bian and Conor McCourt7. Inventorship and AuthorshipAntoinette F. Konski8. Must an Inventor “Possess” an Invention to Patent It?Warren D. Woessner and Robin A. Chadwick9. Obviousness Determinations in Pharma & Biotech Intellectual PropertyDaniel Pereira and Stephen G. Kunin10. Inherent Anticipation in Pharma and BiotechMichael Goldman, Georgia Evans, and Andrew Zappia11. Baseball Bats and Chocolate Chip Cookies: The Judicial Treatment of DNA in the Myriad Genetics LitigationIan Binnie and Vanessa Park-Thompson12. Patentability of Genes: An EU PerspectivePaul Cole13. Decoding Gene Patents in AustraliaAdam Denley and James Cherry14. The Impact of Myriad and Mayo: Will Advancements in the Biological Sciences be Spurred or Disincentivized? (Or, Wasn't Biotech Patenting Complicated Enough?)Jennifer Gordon15. The Impact of Myriad on the Future Development and Commercialization of DNA-Based Therapies and DiagnosticsMichele Wales16. Research Use Exemptions to Patent Infringement for Drug Discovery and Development in the United StatesAlicia A. Russo and Jason Johnson17. Research Exemption / Experimental Use in the EU: Patents Do Not Block the Progression of ScienceHans-Rainer Jaenichen and Johann Pitz18. Patenting Stem Cell Technologies in the USDonald L. Zuhn19. Patenting Stem Cell Technologies in EuropeAndrew Sheard20. The Patentability of Stem Cells in AustraliaJenny Petering and Prue Cowin21. Patentability of Self-Replicating TechnologiesRichard H. Shear22. Protecting Traditional Knowledge Related to Biological Resources: Is Scientific Research Going to Become More Bureaucratized?Prashant Reddy and Malathi Lakshmikumaran23. Licensing Biotech IP in University Industry PartnershipsVladimir Drozdoff and Daryl Fairbairn24. Trade Secrets in Life Science and Pharmaceutical CompaniesTara Nealey, Ronald M. Daignault, and Yu Cai25. Trade Secrets in CanadaNoel CourageIndex

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