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3021475 Parys, Jan B.; Bootman, Martin; Bultynck, Geert:
Calcium Techniques: A Laboratory Manual
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Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 12/2013
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Signaling by calcium ions is an important regulator of muscle contraction, nerve impulses, fertilization, and numerous other cellular processes. This book explores the experimental techniques used to monitor movement of calcium ions into/out of cells and between subcellular compartments, as well as analyze its effects on the intracellular targets that mediate its effects.


Chapter 1. Fluorescence Microscopy
Michael J. Sanderson, Ian Smith, Ian Parker, and Martin D. Bootman
Chapter 2. Ca2+-sensitive Fluorescent Dyes and Intracellular Ca2+ imaging
Martin D. Bootman, Katja Rietdorf, Tony Collins, Simon Walker, and Michael Sanderson
Chapter 3. Properties and Use of Genetically-encoded FRET Sensors for Cytosolic and Organellar Ca2+ Measurements
Jungwon Genevieve Park and Amy E. Palmer
Chapter 4. Photolysis of Caged Compounds: Studying Ca2+ Signaling and Activation of Ca2+-dependent Ion Channels
Janos Almassy and David I. Yule
Chapter 5. Electroporation Loading and Flash Photolysis to Investigate Intra- and Intercellular Ca2+ Signaling
Elke Decrock, Marijke De Bock, Nan Wang, Mélissa Bol, Ashish K. Gadicherla, and Luc Leybaert
Chapter 6. Use of Confocal and Multi-photon Microscopy
Lars Kaestner and Peter Lipp
Chapter 7. Combining Calcium Imaging with Other Optical Techniques
Marco Canepari, Dejan Zecevic, Kaspar E. Vogt, David Ogden, and Michel De Waard
Chapter 8. High-Throughput Analyses of IP3 Receptor Behavior
Colin Taylor, Stephen C. Tovey, and Ana M. Rossi

Chapter 9. The Use of Aequorin and Its Variants for Ca2+ Measurements
Veronica Granatiero, Maria Patron, Anna Tosatto, Giulia Merli, and Rosario Rizzuto
Chapter 10. Introduction of Aequorin into Zebrafish Embryos for Recording Ca2+ Signaling During the First 48 Hours of Development
Sarah Elizabeth Webb, Ching Man Chan, and Andrew L. Miller

Chapter 11. Measurement of Intracellular Ca2+ Release in Intact and Permeabilized Cells Using 45Ca2+
Ludwig Missiaen, Tomas Luyten, Geert Bultynck, Jan B. Parys, and Humbert De Smedt
Chapter 12. Protocols to Determine Ca2+ Pump Activity in Overexpression Systems and Cardiac Muscle Preparations
Tine Holemans, Ilse Vandecaetsbeek, Frank Wuytack, and Peter Vangheluwe

Chapter 13. Patch-Clamp of Voltage-Sensitive Ca2+ Channels
Maria A Gandini, Alejandro Sandoval, and Ricardo Felix
Chapter 14. How to Measure ICRAC and ORAI Channel Activity with Patch-Clamp and Imaging
Dalia Alansary, Tatiana Kilch, Christian Holzmann, Christine Peinelt, Markus Hoth, and Annette Lis
Chapter 15. Patch-Clamp Electrophysiology of Intracellular Ca2+ Channels
Don-On Daniel Mak, Horia Vais, King-Ho Cheung, and J. Kevin Foskett
Chapter 16. Bilayer Measurement of Endoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Channels
Ilya Bezprozvanny
Chapter 17. Measurement of Mitochondrial Ca2+ Transport as Mediated by VDAC, the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger, and the Ca2+ Uniporter
Danya Ben-Hail, Raz Palty, and Varda Shoshan-Barmatz
Chapter 18. Calcium-Sensitive Mini and Microelectrodes
Roger C. Thomas and Donald M. Bers

Chapter 19. The Xenopus Oocyte: A Single-Cell Model for Studying Ca2+ Signaling
Yaping Lin-Moshier and Jonathan S. Marchant
Chapter 20. Manipulating Calcium Transients in Developing Xenopus Spinal Neurons
Nicholas C. Spitzer, Laura N. Borodinsky, and Cory M. Root
Chapter 21. Methods to Assess Ca Handling in Cardiac Myocytes
Niall Macquaide, Karin R. Sipido, and Virginie Bito
Chapter 22. Ca2+ Signalling in Yeast
Renata Tisi, Enzo Martegani, and Rogelio L. Brandão
Chapter 23. Ca2+ Imaging in Plants Using Genetically Encoded Yellow Cameleon Ca2+ Indicators
Smrutisanjita Behera, Melanie Krebs, Giovanna Loro, Karin Schumacher, Alex Costa, and Jörg Kudla

Chapter 24. Cyclic ADP-ribose: Endogenous Content, Enzymology, and Ca2+ Release
Andreas H. Guse, Tanja Kirchberger, and Santina Bruzzone
Chapter 25. Methods in NAADP Research
Antony Galione, Kai-Ting Cheng, Tim Funnell, Lianne Davis, Anthony Morgan, Margarida Ruas, John Parrington, and Grant Churchill
Chapter 26. Measuring Ca2+-Binding Kinetics of Proteins
Guido C. Faas and Istvan Mody
Chapter 27. Translating Intracellular Calcium Signaling into Models
Ruediger Thul

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