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2988991 Baehrecke, Eric H.; Kornbluth, Sally; Green, Douglas R.:
Cell Survival and Cell Death
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Einband: Hardcover
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Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 2013

ISBN-10: 1-936113-31-7   
ISBN-13: 9781936113316

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Cell death plays a critical role in development, normal physiology, and many diseases, including cancer. This short book describes our detailed understanding of the mechanisms involved in cell death signaling, covering signal transducers, caspases, Bcl2-family proteins, mitochondrial molecules, and IAPs, as well as the survival mechanisms that antagonize them. Cell death mechanisms involved in tumor suppression and cancer are also covered.

Evolution of the Animal Apoptosis Network
Christian M. Zmasek and Adam Godzik
Caspase Functions in Cell Death and Disease
David R. McIlwain, Thorsten Berger, and Tak W. Mak
Apoptotic and Non-Apoptotic Caspase Functions in Animal Development
Masayuki Miura
Cellular Mechanisms Controlling Caspase Activation and Function
Amanda B. Parrish, Christopher D. Freel, and Sally Kornbluth
Caspase Substrates and Inhibitors
Marcin Poręba, Aleksandra Stróżyk, Guy S. Salvesen, and Marcin Drag
Death Receptor-Ligand Systems in Cancer, Cell Death, and Inflammation
Henning Walczak
Mitochondrial Regulation of Cell Death
Stephen W. G. Tait and Douglas R. Green
Mechanisms of Action of Bcl-2 Family Proteins
Aisha Shamas-Din, Justin Kale, Brian Leber, and David W. Andrews
Multiple Functions of Bcl-2 Family Proteins
J. Marie Hardwick and Lucian Soane
Inhibitor of Apoptosis (IAP) Proteins—Modulators of Cell Death and Inflammation
John Silke and Pascal Meier
Clearing the Dead: Apoptotic Cell Sensing, Recognition, Engulfment, and Digestion
Amelia Hochreiter-Hufford and Kodi S. Ravichandran
Endolysosomal System in Cell Death and Survival
Urška Repnik, Maruša Hafner Česen, and Boris Turk
Metabolic Stress in Autophagy and Cell Death Pathways
Brian J. Altman and Jeffrey C. Rathmell
mTOR–Dependent Cell Survival Mechanisms
Chien-Min Hung, Luisa Garcia-Haro, Cynthia A. Sparks, and David A. Guertin
Oncogenes in Cell Survival and Cell Death
Jake Shortt and Ricky W. Johnstone
The Role of the Apoptotic Machinery in Tumor Suppression
Alex R.D. Delbridge, Liz. J. Valente, and Andreas Strasser
The Role of Apoptosis-Induced Proliferation for Regeneration and Cancer
Hyung Don Ryoo and Andreas Bergmann
Fueling the Flames: Mammalian Programmed Necrosis in Inflammatory Diseases
Francis Ka-Ming Chan
Regulation and Function of Autophagy During Cell Survival and Cell Death
Gautam Das, Bhupendra V. Shravage, Eric H. Baehrecke
Autophagy and Cancer
Li Yen Mah and Kevin M. Ryan
Autophagy and Neuronal Cell Death in Neurological Disorders
Ralph A. Nixon and Dun-Sheng Yang

Cell Biology; Molecular Biology; Developmental Biology; Immunology, Vaccines, and Therapeutic Proteins
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