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2187573 Shapiro, Lucy; Losick, Richard M.:
Cell Biology of Bacteria(Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology)
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Reihe: Perspectives in Biology, Einband: Hardcover
Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Erscheinungsdatum: 12/2010
Seiten: 285 S.
Abbildungen: illus., index

ISBN-10: 0-87969-907-8   
ISBN-13: 9780-87969-907-9

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Often thought to lack significant internal organization by comparison with eukaryotic cells, prokaryotes have in fact been shown to possess distinct intracellular compartments. Moreover, they also have cytoskeletal filaments reminiscent of those in higher organisms. Recent work has significantly extended our understanding of these features of prokaryotic cells and their roles in control of cell division, morphogenesis, and other processes. The book covers all aspects of prokaryotic cell biology, including the bacterial cytoskeleton, membrane organization, chromosome dynamics, nucleic acid processing and dynamics, as well as various methods.
Bacterial Chromosome Organization and Segregation
Esteban Toro and Lucy Shapiro
Synchronization of Chromosome Dynamics and Cell Division in Bacteria
Martin Thanbichler
Bacterial Cytoskeleton: The Function of FtsZ and ParA Polymers
Dyche Mullins
The Structure and Function of Bacterial Actin Homologs
Joshua W. Shaevitz and Zemer Gitai
Protein Subcellular Localization in Bacteria
David Z. Rudner and Richard Losick
Poles Apart: Polar Organelles in Bacteria and Their Spatial Regulation
Clare Kirkpatrick and Patrick Viollier
The Bacterial Cell Envelope
Thomas J. Silhavy, Daniel Kahne, and Suzanne Walker
Cell Biology of Prokaryotic Organelles
Dorothee Murat, Meghan Byrne, and Arash Komeili
Bacterial Nanomachines: The Flagellum and Type III Injectisome
Marc Erhardt, Keiichi Namba, and Kelly T. Hughes
Membrane-associated DNA Transport Machines
Briana Burton and David Dubnau
Myxobacteria, Polarity, and Multicellular Morphogenesis
Dale Kaiser, Mark Robinson, and Lee Kroos
Cyanobacterial Heterocysts
Krithika Kumar, Rodrigo A. Mella-Herrera, and James W. Golden
Daniel López, Hera Vlamakis, and Roberto Kolter
Electron Cryotomography
Elitza I. Tocheva, Zhuo Li, and Grant J. Jensen
Single-Molecule and Superresolution Imaging in Live Bacteria Cells
Julie S. Biteen and W.E. Moerner
Automated Quantitative Live Cell Fluorescence Microscopy
Michael Fero and Kit Pogliano


Lucy Shapiro, Stanford University;
Richard M. Losick, Harvard University
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