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2032730 Olsen, Michael; Zhao, Jinlin:
Handbook of Hospitality Strategic Management
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Reihe: Handbooks of Hospitality Management
Verlag: Elsevier Science
Erscheinungsdatum: 07/2008
Seiten: 512 S.

ISBN-10: 0-08-045079-2   
ISBN-13: 978-0-08-045079-7

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Handbook of Hospitality Strategic Management provides a critical review of mainstream hospitality strategic management research topics. Internationally recognized leading researchers provide thorough reviews and discussions, reviewing strategic management research by topic, as well as illustrating how theories and concepts can be applied in the hospitality industry. This book covers all aspects of strategic management in hospitality.The depth and coverage of each topic is unprecedented. A must-read for hospitality researchers and educators, students and industry practitioners.
. Environmental scanning relating to the hospitality and tourism industry. Competitive methods of multinational companies of the world-wide hotel industry. Organizational structure and Human Resources. The role of technology in organizational structure. Leadership and managerial strategies. Communication, technology and change in hospitality concepts. Concept and strategy models
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