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2032729 Jones, Peter:
Handbook of Hospitality Operations and IT
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Reihe: Handbooks of Hospitality Management
Verlag: Elsevier Science
Erscheinungsdatum: 06/2008
Seiten: 448 S.

ISBN-10: 0-7506-8753-3   
ISBN-13: 978-0-7506-8753-9

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Handbook of Hospitality Operations and IT provides an authoritative resource forcritical reviews of research into both operations and IT management. Internationallyrenowned scholars provide in-depth essays and explanations of case studies, to illustratehow practices and concepts can be applied to the hospitality industry.The depth and coverage of each topic is unprecedented. A must-read for hospitality researchers and educators, students and industry practitioners.
* Theories of operations management, involving the processing of materials, customers and information* The responsibilities of the operations manager: quality, productivity, and innovation* The role of the customer in operations management* Major aspects of operations and information management in hospitality
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