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2000913 Freytag, Andreas; Thurik, Roy:
Entrepreneurship and Culture
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Verlag: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Erscheinungsdatum: 12/2009
Seiten: 328 S.

ISBN-10: 3-540-87909-9   
ISBN-13: 978-3-540-87909-1

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The book is an innovative compilation of papers that explore the relationship between cultural features and entrepreneurship. The relative stability of differences in entrepreneurial activity across countries suggests that other than economic factors are at play. The contributions to this edited volume deal with the foundations of entrepreneurship and with the effects of different cultural settings on the incidence and success of entrepreneurs. Topics are individual decision making in a cultural context, regional aspects of entrepreneurship, cross-country differences, and the influence of culture on entrepreneurial activity.
Introduction.- Culture and the Individual Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneurial Spirit and What the Law Can Do About It.- The Entrepreneurial Culture: Guiding Principles of Self-Employment.- Culture, Political Institutions and the Regulation of Entry.- Prior Knowledge and Innovative Success.- Regional Cultural Aspects and the Entrepreneur: Public Research in Regional Networks of Innovators.- Entrepreneurial Cutlture, Regional Innovativeness and Economic Growth.- Transnational Cultural Differences: Entrepreneurship and Its Determinants in a Cross-Country Setting.- Scenario-Based Scales Measuring Cultural Orientations of Business Owners.- Economic Freedom and Entrepreneurial Activity.- Entrepreneurial Culture and Its Effects on the Rate of Nascent Entrepreneurship.- Explaining Cross-National Variations in Entrepreneurship.- Development Over Time: Uncertainty Avoidance and the Rate of Business Ownership Across 21 OECD Countries.- Postmaterialism Influencing Total Entrepreneurial Activity Across Nations.
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