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1742405 Bonifacino, Juan S.; Dasso, Mary; Harford, Joe B.:
Short Protocols in Cell Biology
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum: 01/2004
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ISBN-10: 0-471-48339-7   
ISBN-13: 978-0-471-48339-7

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Biochemie | Zell- und Molekularbiologie | 
Providing condensed descriptions of more than 500 methods compiled from Current Protocols in Cell Biology, this text thoroughly explores cell biology in an easily accessible, hands-on format. Short Protocols in Cell Biology is an authoritative and indispensable guide for all life scientists and researchers who are looking to improve their understanding of cell biology methods.
Key Features:
* Designed to provide quick access to step-by-step instructions for the essential methods used in every major area of cell biological research
* Contains methods from every aspect of cell biology-everything needed to study the basic structure and functions of cells at both the molecular and cellular levels
Chapter 1. Cell Culture.
Chapter 2. Preparation and Isolation of Cells.
Chapter 3. Subcellular Fractionation and Isolation of Organelles.
Chapter 4. Antibodies as Cell Biological Tools.
Chapter 5. Microscopy.
Chapter 6. Characterization of Cellular Proteins.
Chapter 7. Electrophoresis and Immunoblotting.
Chapter 8. Protein Labeling and Immunoprecipitation.
Chapter 9. Protein Phosphorylation.
Chapter 10. Protein Trafficking.
Chapter 11. Cell Proliferation, Cell Aging, and Cell Death.
Chapter 12. In Vitro Reconstitution.
Chapter 13. Cell Adhesion and Extracellular Matrix.
Chapter 14. Cell Motility.
Chapter 15. Organelle Motility.
Appendix 1: Reagents and Solutions.
Appendix 2: Useful Information and Data.
Appendix 3: Commonly Used Techniques.
Appendix 4: Suppliers.

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Bonifacino, J. S. et al. (Hrsg.)
J. S. Bonifacino, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH
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