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1731933 Schoenfeld, Steven A.:
Active Index Investing
Maximizing Portfolio Performance and Minimizing Risk Through Global Index Strategies
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 9/2004
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ISBN-13: 978-0-471-25707-3

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For over three decades, indexing has become increasingly accepted by both institutional and individual investors. Index benchmarks and investment products that track them have been a driving force in the transformation of investment strategy from art to science. Yet investors' understanding of the sophistication of this burgeoning field has lagged the growing use of index products.
Active Index Investing is the definitive guide to how indexes are constructed, how index-based portfolios are managed, and how the world's most sophisticated investors use index-based strategies to enhance performance, reduce costs and minimize the risks of investing.
Active Index Investing provides a comprehensive overview of (1) the investment theories that are the foundation of index based investing, (2) best practices in benchmark construction, (3) the growing world of index-based investment vehicles, (4) cutting-edge index portfolio management techniq ues and (5) the myriad ways investors can and do capture the benefits of indexing.
Active Index Investing has a unique format that captures the views and perspectives of over 40 of the investment industry's leading experts and practitioners, while maintaining a holistic view of this complex subject matter. In addition to the Appendix and Glossary within the book, it features an E-ppendix, available at
Steven A. Schoenfeld is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, the definitive online resource on index investing. He is also a Senior Research Fellow with Duke University's Global Capital Markets Center, and Managing Partner of Global Index Strategies LLC, which provides consulting services to the financial industry. Steven was Chief Investment Officer of Active Index Advisors, focusing on enhanced index portfolios and was a Managing Director of Barclays Global Investors (BGI), where he served in a variety of portfolio management and investment strategy roles. Before joining BGI, he was an Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation/World Bank, and a stock index futures trader in Singapore. Steven was a Fulbright Scholar in Economics, and co-authored The Pacific Rim Futures and Options Markets.
CHAPTER 1: Indexing IsActive: The Meaning of Active Indexingand the Interconnected Themes of the Book.
PART ONE: The Indexing Revolution: Theory and Practice .
CHAPTER 2: The Foundations of Indexing: Theoretical and Practical Underpinnings of a Heretical Concept .
CHAPTER 3: The Ever-Evolving Uses of Indexing: Why the Active versus Index Debate Is Over .
CHAPTER 4: Market Uncertainty and the Role of Indexing .
PART TWO: Benchmarks: The Foundation for Indexing .
CHAPTER 5: The Vital Importance and Fundamental Uses of Benchmarks .
CHAPTER 6: Perfection Impossible: Best Practices for Index Construction .
CHAPTER 7: The Ideal Index Construction .
CHAPTER 8: U.S. Equity Benchmarks--Broad-Cap, Size, and Style Indexes: Slicing and Dicing the U.S. Equity Market .
CHAPTER 9: International/Global Equity Benchmarks for North American Investors .
CHAPTER 10: Fixed-Income Benchmarks .
CHAPTER 11: Hedge Fund Benchmarks and Asset Allocation .
CHAPTER 12: Using Indexes as Analytical Tools: Viewing Changes in the World's Stock Markets through the Benchmarks .
CHAPTER 13: Socially Responsible Investment and Index Benchmarks .
PART THREE: The Ever-Expanding Variety and Flexibility of Index Products .
CHAPTER 14: The Wide World of Index Products: Building Blocks for an Efficient Portfolio .
CHAPTER 15: Enhanced Indexing: Adding Index Alpha in a Disciplined, Risk-Controlled Manner .
CHAPTER 16: Exchange-Traded Funds: A Flexible and Efficient Investment Tool .
CHAPTER 17: Indexing Real Estate .
CHAPTER 18: Active Indexing: Sophisticated Strategies with Index Vehicles .
PART FOUR: Managing Index Funds: It's Anything but Passive! .
CHAPTER 19: Fundamental Index Portfolio Management Techniques .
CHAPTER 20: The Unique Challenges of U.S. Equity Index Management .
CHAPTER 21: Delivering Performance in International Equity Indexing .
CHAPTER 22: Managing Fixed-Income Index Funds .
CHAPTER 23: Managing Exchange-Traded Funds .
CHAPTER 24: Index-Based Separately Managed Accounts: Delivering on the Performance Promise .
PART FIVE: Pulling It All Together: How to Use Index Products to Build an Efficient, Risk-Controlled Investment Strategy .
CHAPTER 25: Choosing among Index Vehicles: How Does an Institutional Investor Select an Investment Product? .
CHAPTER 26: How and Why Large Pension Plans Use Index-Based Strategies as Their Core Investments .
CHAPTER 27: Tax-Efficient Indexation .
CHAPTER 28: Indexing for Advisors: A Sophisticated Strategy for Professional Investment Advisors and Their Clients .
CHAPTER 29: Indexing for Individual Investors .
CHAPTER 30: Indexing at the Core: The Four Key Axioms for Long-Term Investment Success .
CHAPTER 31: The Future of Indexing: The Revolution Has Just Begun! .
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