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1561453 Niven, David:
The 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
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ISBN-13: 978-1-84112-694-4

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The Simple Science of a Healthy Life
From Fitness to diets to emotional health and longevity, what do people who look and feel healthy do differently to those who are overtired, depressed, or out of shape? Every day we face an avalanche of studies and statistics that tell us what we should or shouldnt eat, how long we need to exercise for, or how we protect ourselves from second-hand smoke and the harmful rays of the sun. Not only are these studies often contradictory, but the actual scientific information is usually inaccessible.
Moving beyond the myths and misinformation, the advice in these pages is not based on one persons opinions or one experts study. For the first time the research available on the health of average people has been distilled into one hundred essential ways to become healthier and happier, and each findings is accompanied by a true story showing the results in action
EAT MORE OFTEN: Oxford University researchers found that people who ate five or six times a day had a 5% lower total cholesterol than average and were 45% more likely to be able to sustain their target weight than people who ate just once or twice a day.
WHO SAYS CAFFEINE IS BAD FOR YOU? The majority of scientific evidence shows that, for a healthy adult, moderate quantities of caffeine (about three cups of coffee a day) pose no significant health risk.
HOME SWEET HOME: People who describe their home lives as satisfying were 24% more likely to live beyond normal life expectancy, according to a UCLA study.
1. Use a plan, not a piecemeal approach.
2. The quest for a perfect body is doomed.
3. Avoid imagining the worst.
4. Keep healthy foods handy.
5. Easy does it with vitamins.
6. What you do matters.
7. Give yourself time.
8. Stop the war on bacteria.
9. You're never too old to improve your habits.
10. Don't buy the fountain of youth.
11. Always being right is wrong for your health.
12. Couch time affects body and mind.
13. Eat your spinach.
14. You can worry your health away.
15. Fitness is free.
16. The cold doesn't give you a cold.
17. Healthy living is an attitude.
18. Cleaning isn't clean.
19. History isn't everything.
20. Don't delay - emergencies can't wait.
21. Enjoy slow music at dinner.
22. Avoid tanning beds.
23. A tomato a day is even better.
24. It's easier to practice good health when those around you do too.
25. Physical health is mental too.
26. Breathe right.
27. Use discretion with internet advice.
28. Mould is everywhere - so relax.
29. Turn off the TV.
30. Drive safely - when it's safe.
31. Eat less, but eat often.
32. Look on the bright side.
33. Drink grape juice.
34. Home affects your health more than work.
35. Ask whether a medicine is right for you.
36. Memories are not lost.
37. Ask where your water comes from.
38. You don't have to put up with second hand smoke.
39. Forgiveness helps you heal.
40. Use the stairs.
41. You'll get the same care on the weekend.
42. Talk to your pharmacist.
43. Wipe, don't blow.
44. Common chores can be dangerous.
45. Let your stress out.
46. No TV during dinner.
47. Study your sports drink.
48. In sickness and in health.
49. Remember, ginkgo biloba won't help your memory.
50. Laughter really is medicine.
51. Use caution when combining remedies.
52. Teeth whitening may cause discomfort.
53. Maintain your sense of control.
54. Have an orange.
55. Build your energy level gradually.
56. Pleasant smells boost your health.
57. Cherish your friends.
58. Secondhand smoke affects the brain.
59. Don't pack like a mule.
60. Have some tea with your remodelling.
61. Short-term stress is healthy.
62. Keep insects away with DEET-based products.
63. Write it down.
64. Sleep well.
65. Your teeth are more than something to chew on.
66. Home is where accidents happen.
67. Value the multiple uses of aspirin.
68. Religion can help ease your burden.
69. Noise matters.
70. Limit your exposure to pesticides.
71. Hostility hurts you.
72. Remember the drugs we tend to forget.
73. High heels cause knee problems.
74. Guilt is bad for you.
75. Keep variety in mind when exercising.
76. Don't use fireworks.
77. Do you work in a sick building?.
78. Stay safe in the sun.
79. Don't take falling down lightly.
80. Limit your piercings.
81. Where you live matters.
82. Electric brushing is easier but not much different.
83. Be careful with botox.
84. Pay attention to chronic conditions.
85. Weigh the benefits of alcohol against the risks.
86. Regular vitamins do the job.
87. Hug for health.
88. Exercise for your mind.
89. Don't let the holidays ruin your health.
90. Stretch out and fly right.
91. The most treatment is not the best treatment.
92. Recognise the difference between caution and fear.
93. Be careful what you ask for.
94. Make health a convenience.
95. Don't drown yourself in water.
96. Health is about life.
97. Having a pet is healthy.
98. Vegetables will taste better in the future.
99. Follow through for better health.
100. Complete health is rare.
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