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1742412 Barker K.:
At the Bench
A Laboratory Navigator
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Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Erscheinungsdatum: 01/2005
Seiten: 465
Abbildungen: illus., appendices, index

ISBN-10: 0-87969-708-3   
ISBN-13: 978-087969708-2

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"At the Bench" is a unique handbook for living and working in the laboratory. Much more than a simple primer or lab manual, this book is an essential aid to understanding: - how research groups work at a human level -- and how to fit in - what equipment is essential, and how to use it properly - how to get started and get organized - how to set up an experiment - how to handle and use data and reference sources - how to present yourself and your results -- in print and in person

Dr. Barker offers advice, moral support, social etiquette, and professional reassurance along with assume-nothing, step-by-step instructions for those basic but vital laboratory procedures that experienced investigators know -- but may not realize novices don't. If you're a graduate student, a physician with research intentions, or a laboratory technician, this book is indispensable. If you have to manage or mentor such people, giving a copy to each of them will greatly improve your life, and theirs.
SECTION 1. Getting Oriented
Chapter 1: General Lab Organization and Procedures
Chapter 2: Laboratory Setup and Equipment
Chapter 3: Getting Started and Staying Organized
SECTION 2. Plotting a Course
Chapter 4: How to Set Up an Experiment
Chapter 5: Laboratory Notebooks
Chapter 6: Presenting Yourself and Your Data
SECTION 3. Navigating
Chapter 7: Making Reagents and Buffers
Chapter 8: Storage and Disposal
Chapter 9: Working without Contamination
Chapter 10: Eukaryotic Cell Culture
Chapter 11: Bacteria
Chapter 12: DNA, RNA, and Protein
Chapter 13: Radioactivity
Chapter 14: Centrifugation
Chapter 15: Electrophoresis
Chapter 16: Microscopy


review: “Any typical laboratory possesses a vast amount of various basic science books and technical manuals used in day–to–day work. However, in most cases, these volumes provide only narrow technical or basic scientific expertise, leaving out numerous issues directly related to the skills of equipment use, experiment performance, laboratory politics, and communication of the scientific data, as well as many other aspects of laboratory work. As a consequence, in most laboratories, those skills are passed on as “oral folklore” from senior staff to newcomers. At the Bench represents a fine example of a laboratory manual that fills this gap. The book provides, in a simple and unambiguous language, guidance for many issues usually left out in ‘regular’ laboratory manuals....

Barker has wisely identified many aspects of laboratory work not usually covered by ‘conventional’ manuals, making her book one of the rarest sources for vital information required for any successful scientist. Overall, the volume is superbly written, and reading is made pleasurable by multiple hilarious remarks form the author. It is highly recommended for anyone working in research—from undergraduate students to primary investigators, either in academy or industry. In my opinion, this is a ‘must have’ volume for any laboratory.”
—The Quarterly Review of Biology

Kathy Barker, The Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle
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