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1742590 Sambrook J.; Russel D. W.:
The Condensed Protocols
From Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual
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Einband: Hardcover
Auflage: 1. Aufl.
Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Erscheinungsdatum: 05/2006
Seiten: 800
Abbildungen: illus., appendices, index

ISBN-10: 0-87969-772-5   
ISBN-13: 978-087969772-3

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"Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual" is the world's best-selling manual of molecular biology techniques and it has informed, educated and inspired hundreds of thousands of researchers since the publication of the first edition in 1989. "The Condensed Protocols" is a practical and manageable tool for use at the bench. It is a single-volume adaptation of the third edition of "Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual" and is designed to be used in conjunction with "Molecular Cloning", not as a replacement for it. "The Condensed Protocols" contains the step-by-step portions of the protocols from "Molecular Cloning", accompanied by the appendices. Each protocol is cross-referenced to the appropriate pages in the original book: the reader is directed to the relevant sections in the original book to ensure that they understand the full context of their experiments. "The Condensed Protocols" is an affordable volume which offers individual investigators the opportunity to have their own personal collection of proven and recommended short protocols from the 'big' book.

1. Using Plasmid Vectors in Molecular Cloning
2. Bacteriophage lambda and Its Vectors
3. Working with Bacteriophage M13 Vectors
4. Working with High–capacity Vectors
5. Gel Electrophoresis of DNA and Pulsed–field Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
6. Preparation and Analysis of Eukaryotic Genomic DNA
7. Extraction, Purification, and Analysis of mRNA from Eukaryotic Cells
8. In Vitro Amplification of DNA by the Polymerase Chain Reaction
9. Preparation of Radiolabeled DNA and RNA Probes
10. Working with Synthetic Oligonucleotide Probes
11. Preparation of cDNA Libraries and Gene Identification
12. DNA Sequencing
13. Mutagenesis
14. Screening Expression Libraries
15. Expression of Cloned Genes in Escherichia coli
16. Introducing Cloned Genes into Cultured Mammalian Cells
17. Analysis of Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells
18. Protein Interaction Technologies

Joseph Sambrook, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne, Australia; David Russell, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
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