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3549255 Kandel, Eric R.; Dudai, Yadin; Mayford, Mark R.:
Learning and Memory
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Reihe: A Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology Collection, Einband: Paperback
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Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 12/2015
Seiten: 300 pages (approx.)
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ISBN-10: 1-62182-160-9   
ISBN-13: 978-1-621821-60-1

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We learn and remember information by modifying synaptic connections in the neuronal networks of our brain. Depending on the type of information being stored, these changes occur in different regions and different circuits of the brain. The underlying circuit mechanisms are beginning to be understood. These mechanisms are capable of storing or reconstructing memories for periods ranging up to a lifetime, but they are also error-prone, as memories can be distorted or lost.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology examines important aspects of the neurobiology of learning and memory. Contributors review the various types of memory and the anatomical architectures and specialized cells involved. The induction of synaptic and cell-wide changes during memory encoding, the transcriptional and translational programs required for memory stabilization, the molecular signals that actively maintain memories, and the activation of neural ensembles during memory retrieval are comprehensively covered.

The authors also discuss the model organisms and state-of-the-art technologies used to elucidate these processes. This volume will serve as a valuable reference for all neurobiologists and biomedical scientists as well as for cognitive and computational neuroscientists wishing to explore the remarkable phenomena of learning and memory.

Section I. Information encoding
1. Memory systems in the brain
Larry Squire
2. Nonassociative learning
Jack Byrne and Robert Hawkins
3. Motor learning and the cerebellum
Chris De Zeeuw and Michiel M. Ten Brinke
4. Motor Learning and the Striatum
Ann Graybiel
5. Pavlovian Conditioning in Invertebrates
Robert Hawkins and Jack Byrne
6. Pavlovian Conditioning in Vertebrates
Michael Fanselow
7. Molecular Genetic Studies of cortical-hippocampal circuits
Ted Abel
8. Synaptic Plasticity in cortical hippocampal circuits
Steve Siegelbaum
Section II. Consolidation
9. Consolidation—transcriptional
Cristina Alberini and Eric Kandel
10. Consolidation—structural plasticity
Craig Bailey
11. Consolidation—systems
Richard Morris and Larry Squire
Section III. Maintenance, Reconsolidation, and Retrieval
12. Long-term maintenance
Kausik Si and Eric Kandel
13. Reconsolidation
Karim Nader
14. Retrieval
Yadin Dudai and Mark Mayford
15. Grid cells, place cells, and memory
Edvard and May-Britt Moser
16. Working memory
Earl Miller and Mark Baxter
Section IV. Novel Approaches
17. New methods involved in studying large populations...
Mark Schnitzer
18. Genetics of active circuits
Mark Mayford and Leon Reijmers
19. Noninvasive anatomical and functional imaging in humans
Thackery I. Brown, Behnhard P. Staresina, and Anthony D. Wagner

Cognition and Behavior; Neurobiology
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