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2183249 Yuryev, Anton:
PCR Primer Design
  Preis:   € 139,09

Band: 402, Einband: Pb
Auflage: 1st Edition. Softcover version of original hardcover edition 2007
Verlag: Humana Press
Erscheinungsdatum: 10/2010
Seiten: 431 S.

ISBN-10: 1-61737-743-0   
ISBN-13: 978-1-61737-743-3

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At the heart of most high-throughput methods is the technique of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This book focuses on primer design, which is critical to both the efficiency and the accuracy of the PCR. With intricate descriptions of basic approaches as well as specialized methods, "PCR Primer Design" is an exceptional reference for all those involved in studying the genome.
PCR primer design. Contents
Part I. Basic Principles and software for PCR primer design
Chapter 1. Physical Principles and Visual-OMP Software for Optimal PCR
Chapter 2. Oligo 7 Primer Analysis Software
Chapter 3. Selection for 3' end triplets for polymerase chain reaction
Chapter 4. The reference point method in primer design
Chapter 5. PCR primer design using statistical modeling
Chapter 6. Developing a Statistical Model for Primer Design
Part II. Genome scale PCR primer design
Chapter 7. GST-PRIME: An Algorithm for Genome-Wide Primer Design
Chapter 8. Genome-Scale Probe and Primer Design with PRIMEGENS
Repeat masking for PCR primer design
Chapter 9. SNPbox: web-based high-throughput primer design with an eye
for repetitive sequences.
Chapter 10. Fast masking of repeated primer binding sites in eukaryotic
Multiplex PCR primer design
Chapter 11. Degenerate Primer Design: Theoretical Analysis and the
HYDEN program
Chapter 12. An Iterative Method for Selecting Degenerate Multiplex PCR
Chapter 13. Primer-design for multiplexed genotyping
Chapter 14. MultiPLX: automatic grouping and evaluation of PCR primers
Chapter 15. MultiPrimer: A system for Microarray PCR Primer Design
Allele-specific PCR
Chapter 16. Modified oligonucleotides as tools for allele-specific
Chapter 17. AlleleID: A Pathogen Detection and Identification System
Long PCR primer design
Chapter 18. GenoFrag, a software package for the design of primers
dedicated to whole genome scanning by LR-PCR.
DNA methylation mapping
Chapter 19. Designing PCR primer for DNA methylation mapping
Chapter 20. BiSearch: ePCR tool for native or bisulfite treated genomic
Chapter 21. Graphical design of primers with PerlPrimer
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