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3549875 Wirth, Dyann; Alonso, Pedro L.:
Malaria: Biology in the Era of Eradication
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Einband: Hardcover
Auflage: 1.Auflage
Verlag: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press New York
Erscheinungsdatum: 07/2016
Seiten: 350 pages (approx.),
Abbildungen: illustrated, index

ISBN-10: 1-62182-122-6   
ISBN-13: 9781621821229

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Malaria affects hundreds of millions of people every year, killing several hundred thousand. This book examines the biology of the Plasmodium parasites responsible, the way the disease is transmitted via mosquitos, and current approaches to vaccination and treatment.

1. Biology of Malaria Transmission
Elamaran Meibalan and Matthias Marti
2. Malaria Modeling in the Era of Eradication
Thomas A. Smith, Nakul Chitnis, Melissa Penny, and Marcel Tanner
3. Plasmodium Sporozoite Biology
Friedrich Frischknecht and Kai Matuschewski
4. Malaria Parasite Liver Infection and Exo-Erythrocytic Biology
Ashley M. Vaughan and Stefan H.I. Kappe
5. Host Cell Tropism and Adaptation of Blood-Stage Malaria Parasites: Challenges for Malaria Elimination
Caeul Lim, Selasi Dankwa, Aditya S. Paul, and Manoj T. Duraisingh
6. Molecular Signaling Involved in Entry and Exit of Malaria Parasites from Host Erythrocytes
Shailja Singh and Chetan E. Chitnis
7. Determinants of Malaria Transmission at the Population Level
Teun Bousema and Chris Drakeley
8. Malaria Epigenetics
Alfred Cort&eactue;s and Kirk W. Deitsch
9. Malaria Genomics in the Era of Eradication
Daniel E. Neafsey and Sarah K. Volkman
10. Malaria During Pregnancy
Michal Fried and Patrick E. Duffy
11. Malaria Pathogenesis
Danny A. Milner Jr.
12. Immune Responses in Malaria
Carole A. Long and Fidel Zavala
13. Plasmodium Vivax
John Adams and Ivo Mueller
14. Anopheline Reproductive Biology: Impacts on Vectorial Capacity and Potential Avenues for Malaria Control
Sara N. Mitchell and Flaminia Catteruccia
15. Malaria Transmission and Prospects for Malaria Eradication: The Role of the Environment
Marcia C. Castro
16. Antimalarial Drug Resistance: A Threat to Malaria Elimination
Didier Menard and Arjen Dondorp
17. Vaccines and New Approaches to Vaccine Discovery
David Kaslow, Ashley Birkett, Alan Cowman, and Julie Healer
18. Modern Vector Control
Neil F. Lobo, Nicole L Achee, John Greico, and Frank H. Collins
19. Current and Future Prospects for Preventing Malaria Transmission Via the Use of Insecticides
Hilary Ranson

Diseases, Immunology, Infectious disease
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